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Poems That Make You Cry


I dont want to

but I have to say goodbye

its gonna be hard

to walk away and not cry.


I'm gonna miss

having you look into my eyes

even though I know everything

you said was all just lies.

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When the words, 'I love you.'

spilled out of your mouth

I knew you were the one

I couldn't live without.


Slowly our love died,

I sat all alone and cried.

Your love was like a drug

you relieved my pain.


If you didn't love me

I would have gone insane.

I'm not sure if you used me,

but you did abuse me.

Not physically but mentally

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I guess you didn't see

how much you meant to me.

You broke my heart, made me cry

and left me here to die.


By babygirl69_69


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