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Missing You Poems
Missing You


I miss you when the earth snuggles

in the folds of the night,

and the stars shine in the sky

when the moon descends

in still waters

without a hush, without a stir,

and life pauses to rest

when souls traverse distant lands

visiting people in their dreams,

and tears flow incessantly

when the reins of the mind are free

from the vigil of thoughts.

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I miss you when the night signals

the earth to rise

and the dew freshens

the face of the flowers

to welcome butterflies,

when church bells echo

in the frosty morning

and the call for prayer pierces dawn,

when the sun rays warm the earth,


I miss you when the sun

is a fiery ball in the sky

and the farmer leaves

his wooden plow and bullocks

to rest in the cool shade of a tree.

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I miss you when shadows lengthen

and the birds fly home,

when the sun drowns in the waves

and the stars appear in the sky.


By zaheer uddin


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