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Love Poems For Him From The Heart
Words From The Heart


There are so many words to say,

Some which can't be said,

Some in which have long 'till now,

Been stuck inside my head.

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Words that fix and heal the heart,

Which once just might have bled,

Words that hurt, deceive the heart,

Even when words are left unsaid.


Words that make a heart transform

From melancholy to joy,

Words that just don't understand,

The difference between a heart and a toy.


But I don't need words expressed by mouth,

To show my love for you,

For the look in my eyes, the sound of my voice,

My heart should speak the truth.


Because sometimes words don't come easily,

When expressing how I feel,

For words can not explain just right,

This feelings my heart conceals.

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For one can say a thousand words,

And truth not be a part.

But never worry about being mislead,

When someone speaks to you with their Heart.


By AngelHeart


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