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Love Poems For Her From The Heart
From The Heart


As I lay down and think
I think about a life that is short.
A life that can be shared.
A life that can be made happy with another.
I dream.
I wonder.
I yearn for that happiness.
The happiness of love.
The power of affection.
But as I lay I think about a person.

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A person who is my friend
and also my heart.
As I think I ask myself,
What can I do to make
this person see that I care?
And I thought to my self,
Just be a friend.
The time we spent together
was warmth to my heart.
Their eyes as beautiful as the sun.
Their lips heavenly
as the waters of the earth.
Their body as perfect as
the lands of long ago and
Their voice as sweet as
an angels harp.
You're my heart my soul my strength.
The one who cared when I was hurt.
You're my tears of joy of love.
You're my friend
and the only one I have.
The one who understands me
more than the world.
You are beautiful in everything you do.
Why does it hurt to
love some one to fast?
Why does it happen so quickly?
Why do I fall in love at all?
It hurts.
I know we're just friends
please do understand.
Don't leave me.
Don't go.
I love you as days go by.
I lost so many in the past
because of my foolishness.

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Because of my high hopes of love.
Be a friend and stay a good friend.
Let no one hurt you.
Let no one hate.
You are special.
You are gifted.
God gave me a heart too large for my soul
because I loved so many in the past so fast
They hurt me so quickly so painfully.
I want us to be very good friends.
Something special.
So let's take our time and
grow at the heart and lets just be friends.

Ricardo Victor Juan Newlin.


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