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Long Love Poems
Without You I'd Be Heartbroken


Without you in my life

I would be so heartbroken,

One thing thats true is my words

will never remain unspoken,

I love you always and forever

and there is no one else,

Without you baby

I would rather be by myself,

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Nothing else matters to me

more then having your love,

Even today I still think you

were sent to me from above,

This is all I really

ever wanted all my life,

Because I just want to know

if I'll ever have a wife,


Knowing that I could be without you

I'd be very heartbroken,

And all I'm trying to do is show you

with these lovely words I have spoken,

Without you I would not want

to live for another day,

Baby I just hope you are getting

what I'm trying to say,


I love you so much and you are my only,

Sweety without you

I would just be lonely,

I hope nothing will

ever come between us

and our love will continue on,

Without you,

our love would just be gone,

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This makes me sad to know that

love would ever vanish and go,

Anything you want me to do

to prove to you just let me know,

Well right now because you are gone

this is how I feel,

Baby, without you I'm heartbroken

and I hope it hasn't been our last meal!


By Joey The sweetest


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