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Heartbroken Poems
The Pain Of Loving The Heartbroken


You say you are falling in love with me,

that you want to break down my wall.

Well you have to wait till I let you in,

because this front is never going to fall.


If you really want to touch my heart,

you have to be willing

to go through some pain,

because you will be cut

and you will bleed

trying to unravel the thorns in the way.

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You will struggle to keep

your head above water

wiping all the tears from my eyes.

Your head will spin

and you'll get all confused

as I go through my highs and lows.


If you really want to be here for me

to kiss me and hold me tight,

then you have to take

the good with the bad,

take the laughter with the fights.

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I do want you here beside me

to say I'm wonderful, say you care.

So say that you will try your hardest

to love me and always be there.


By Autumn Meadowlark


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