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Erotic Poems
Erotic, Fire And Ice


Baby I need some loving

It's been such a long time

I need to deeply feel you

I want to feel alive


I need you, sweetheart

I'm not ready to lay down and die

What's this distance doing to me

I need you to be alive

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Feel my nails scratch your back

Woo me, entice me, make me fly

'No baby this is no dream'

Let me hear you moan and cry


Ignite me with your fire

Watch my honey drip

Touch me there, baby

Then lick your fingertips


Then cool me with some ice

Play with me some more

Let me feel your body all

There is so much to explore


Look into my eyes

As you pierce me very deep

Hear me loudly sigh

As I lick my cherry lip


Play with me lots more

Hear me moan in pleasure

Hold me close to your body

You are my precious treasure

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Lick me, Suck me, bite me

Till you make me scream

Make wild passionate love to me

Come on baby, this is no dream


By Maria Vecchio Artistry


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