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Emo Love Poems
Painful Tears


Look into these eyes

and all my pain will show,

The hurt, the tears, the anger,

these things are all I know.


All my life I have tried,

Giving out my heart, but left alone to cry.

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Now I have you and

all seems the same,

I hoped you would be different,

yet I'm still playing this same game.


Come into my heart,

let us share life together,

Standing side by side,

and in love forever.


I know without a doubt

I could never live without you,

If you give me half the chance,

I'll prove my love is true.


We've both been hurt too much

not to make this last,

We cant let go of our love,

not because of the past.

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Time will tell and show

just how much I really care,

And that I'm never giving up

on this love we share.

So one last time I state my plea to you,

Forever and a day, I'll always be true.


By Texaschic


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