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Distance Love Poems
Long Distance Love


Perhaps one day the miles,

that come between us will vanish.

And we will touch,

heart to heart, soul to soul.

One day the emptiness will disappear,

and we can begin to build our dreams.

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There are so many miles between us,

and to most people it may seem

insane to love someone so far away.

But, we know what love is

and no distance,can keep our hearts

from beating as one.


We will make each step count,

as it will bring us closer together,

and to the world that is waiting with

open arms to embrace us.


I will cherish you,

every breath I take is for you,

You are my tomorrow and the

one sure emotion I can depend on.

We alone are the keepers

of our hearts and of our destiny.

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Love is the strongest force there is.

We have endured the pain of yesterday,

We will rejoice in the love of today.

And with each other tomorrow

we will be one step close to Forever...


By Ladiblu


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